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Welcome to Leno Sports India

Leno Sports has been created with the purpose to provide quality Sports solutions for players, sports enthusiasts as well as fans coming from all demographics.

A part of our job also includes involving the right people - Players, parents and coaches within our organization to create the perfect learning environment to help everyone reach their potential.

We take pride in our continuous efforts to promote a healthy sports culture.

We continually strive to make sure things are in place for our current and future players in the commune.

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Welcome to Leno Sports, your ultimate destination for comprehensive event management solutions.

At Leno Sports, we understand that organizing an event can be a daunting task, requiring meticulous planning, coordination, and attention to detail.

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School Sports Management

Welcome to Leno Sports' School Sports Management! We are a leading company specializing in comprehensive sports management solutions for educational institutions.

At Leno Sports, we understand the vital role that sports play in the development of students.

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Welcome to Leno Sports! We are a dynamic company dedicated to providing top-notch training and coaching services in collaboration with premier sporting academies.

Our mission is to nurture the talents of aspiring athletes and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen sports.

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